Oktober 2019 TBR

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Ik heb er maanden naar uitgekeken: de herfst en mijn favoriete maand zijn hier! Oktober is natuurlijk de maand van Halloween en enge dingen, maar wisten jullie dat Oktober ook bostkankermaand is? De hele maand staat in het teken van borstkanker en daarvoor heb ik van Boekerij een boek opgestuurd gekregen. Lees verder om te zien welke dat is! Continue reading

April 2019 TBR


A new month, a new TBR!

This month’s TBR is a bit special. April is namely also the month where we sit our O.W.L.s 😏 It’s a readathon hosted by Book Roast inspired by the exams called O.W.L.s in the Harry Potter books. If you want more information on this readingchallenge, I gladly refer you to the youtube channel of Book Roast *click*! Now let’s get on with my TBR for the month of April, as well as for the O.W.L.s readathon, and the careerpath I chose.

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February 2019 TBR

February TBR

How is it February already? It feels like only yesterday that I was celebrating New Year’s Eve with Pieter in front of the telly! And somehow it feels like I start every single one of my TBR’s with this thought. Time’s just flying by guys!

In February, just like in January, I have a TBR of “only” five books. This way I don’t feel too pressured to read, because this is a number I’m easily able to reach in a month. It went and felt great in January, so I hope it feels just as great in February! Continue reading

January 2019 TBR

Januari TBR

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope you all had a lovely evening, no matter if you went out with friends or stayed at home (like I did). Let’s make 2019 another fantastic year!

I’m still trying to get my mind around the fact that it’s January 1st 2019. On the one hand I’m super excited, and on the other hand I have this anxious feeling that time is flying by waaaay too fast. In only four days I’ll be 24! That’s madness!

Anyhow, since it’s the first day of a new month, here’s my TBR for January!

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