The Ethereal Transit Society, T. Vaughn

Title: The Ethereal Transit Society
Author(s): Thomas Vaughn
Amount of pages: 136
Read as: Physical copy
Genre: Thriller, Science-Fiction, English
* I received a review copy from Bad Dream Entertainment

Waardering: 3 uit 5.

Thoughts beforehand

The last surviving members of a doomsday cult travel across the country to reclaim their late leader’s body in preparation for the end of the world. The cosmic signal, known as the Transit Frequency, leads them to the rural outback of Arkansas. If they don’t want to experience the end of times themselves, the members of The Ethereal Transit Society have to act fast and find the body of their leader before they become victims themselves.

When I read the synopsis of this novella I was a little wary of the story. Science-Fiction novels involving outer space isn’t really my cup of tea and I was afraid I would be let down by this story because it would actually deal with aliens and space travelling. I was afraid the realistic side of the doomsday cult would turn 180 degrees into an unrealistic one involving aliens and space ships.

Thomas Vaughn The Ethereal Transit Society review

Luckily this story was actually what I hoped it’d be. As a true crime lover I have seen several doomsday cult documentaries. The cases that come out always end up with a lot of people dying and yeah, that was what I was expecting of this book as well. The reader of The Ethereal Transit Society finds themselves in the middle of the story. The rest of the cult has already died (excuse me “escaped this world” because it would all end in short time) and you’re travelling with the remaining members to the rural outback of Arkansas. There they hope to find the body of their late doomsday cult leader, to prepare themselves for the end of times.

I quite enjoyed this novella. That was until it became one big blur. I just lost sense on what was going on and why it was going on. This took away most of the enjoyment in reading the story I had previously. I ended up giving the book ‘only’ three stars because of this. Maybe it was just me experiencing this messy ending so you might end up enjoying all of it. I don’t know. I only know that I quite enjoyed the first two-thirds of the story and then it all went downhill. Then again, three stars is not that bad right! Definitely worth a read!

*I received a review copy of this novella in exchange for promotion and an honest review! All opinions are my own.

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