10 Lies, Emily James

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Title: 10 Lies
Series: The Power of Ten #3
Emily James
No. of pages
: 178
Contemporary romance, Comedy 
Publication date:
April 18th 2019
Date read:
September 4th 2019

Rating: 4 out of 5.

10 Lies is the third book in the Power of Then book series. This one tells the story of Katie Perkins who’s won a luxurious trip to Antigua. There she meets a handsome doctor, Jackson. Trying to impress him, she tells lies about her life – ten in total. Back in England she says goodbye to him, thinking it is forever. Nothing lies further from the truth. Back in New Haven, where Katie runs a pub, she runs into Jackson. Turns out he’s the new doctor in town! How will she deal with the lies she told him while on holiday?

Just like the previous two books, I absolutely loved 10 Lies. Emily James has done such a great job when it comes to building characters that are recognisable and feel like they could exist in real life. I really like the concepts James weaves into her stories: this book deals with 10 lies, the previous one dealt with 10 dares and the first one dealt with 10 dates. The outcome is always predictable, but that takes nothing off the fun of reading these books! I had a few laugh-out-loud moments and it definitely lifted my spirit.

I really hope to read more by Emily James in the future!

I received an ecopy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own! *

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