Germany, July 2019

2019-07-29 17.24.48

The ones who follow me on instagram already know where I spent the last ten days: in Germany, near Passau. I’ve had a lovely time with my Mom, her partner and my little sister. Here are some photo’s to give you an idea of what we did and saw!

2019-07-29 17.24.41
2019-07-29 17.24.25

We went to Passau a few times. I hadn’t heard of this place before I visited it, but it was definitely something I didn’t want to miss! It’s located at the point where three rivers meet: the Donau, the Ilz and the Inn. There were also quite some churches and we visited the St. Stephen’s Cathedral twice. I could’ve visited more often and still see some things I hadn’t seen before! It was so impressive!

2019-07-29 17.24.55
2019-07-29 17.25.02

The rest of the time we spent visiting other cute Austrian, Czech and German villages. The pastel coloured houses were everywhere and I absolutely loved them!

We stayed in a apartment near Passau and the photo with the cow gives you a hint of what our view looked like. When enjoying our morning coffee on the balcony you could hear the cow bells in the distance.

Some of you mentioned that you also fell in love with the places I showed on my instagram, especially the houses, and I do recommend visiting this part of Germany!

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