10 Dares, Emily James

Heart bokeh in the background and the cover of 10 dares by Emily James

Title: 10 Dares
Series: The Power of Ten #2
Emily James
No. of pages
: 226

Waardering: 5 uit 5.

10 Dares by Emily James, summary

10 Dares follows Melinda Spencer, mom of four kids and recently divorced, who tries to pick up her life after it seems to have fallen apart. Melinda’s two best friends Mikey and Joanie are worried about their friend and try to cheer her up, but at the same time try to get Melinda to loosen up a bit. They come up with 10 crazy dares that Melinda has to complete. This way Melinda has to let go and in the meanwhile she might even find more than just a calmer mind in the form of a “Viking King”.

Cover of 10 Dares on a wooden plank with coffee besides it.

10 Dares by Emily James, review

After loving 10 Dates by Emily James, I had high hopes for 10 Dares. James knew how to make them all come true. I absolutely loved reading 10 Dares: it was cute, real and I definitely laughed out loud a couple of times! It felt like I found a friend in Melinda, but also in her friends Mikey and Joanie. They’re just such great people, I love them!

What I love most about James’ romance novels, is that the relationship between the lovebirds of the stories isn’t just built on lust. The two actually build a friendship (or maybe a frenemyship in the case of 10 Dares?), before jumping in bed together. I mean, it’s obvious they both want it, but they actually think before they act. Most times 😂

Can’t wait to read the third book in this series 10 Lies!

Emily kindly gifted me the ebooks of all three books in this series, but all opinions are my own! *

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