’t Speulderbos, October 2018


From October 22nd til the 24th, Pieter and I were on a trip to ’t Speulderbos. It’s declared the most beautiful and one of the oldest forest(s) of The Netherlands and I can confirm that this forest has something magical to it. Pieter and I definitely were in awe of the views we got to see. In this post I’ll share some of the photo’s I took with my SLR camera!

’t Speulderbos


Let me just tell you right away: it was even more beautiful and overwhelming in real life. The trees were really tall (some about 40m high!) and it made me feel so small! This time of year, the colours are so bright and the paths are covered in fallen leaves. And let’s not forget about the mushrooms! There were so many different ones and I caught myself taking photo’s of almost every single one we saw. They’re just so photogenic 🙈

If you live in the Netherlands, but even if you don’t, I really recommend visiting ’t Speulderbos in Autumn! It’s near Ermelo in Gelderland and you have different routes. We walked the 8.5km route and that one brought us in all kinds of Dutch nature, like different kinds of forests and the moorlands. Near the end, you can settle down at the Schaapskooi (Sheepfold) for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake!

Het Leuvenemse Bos


The last day of our trip, Pieter and I still wanted to go for another walk in a forest. We ended up in Het Leuvenemse Bos and walked for another 5km through a totally different forest. The paths in this one are smaller, the trees stand nearer the paths and you can trip over roots in the paths if you don’t watch out. I felt even closer to nature in Het Leuvenemse Bos, than in ’t Speulderbos, and it really felt like a fairy tale forest!

Have you ever visited ’t Speulderbos or Het Leuvenemse Bos? If you want to escape reality and the busy cities someday, I really recommend you visit these beautiful pieces of Dutch nature!

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