Maastricht, april 2018

2018-04-19 20.59.46

Yesterday and the day before that Pieter and I spent in the beautiful city Maastricht. This is a city located in the most southern point of the Netherlands and walking the streets and squares it really felt like we were abroad! Here are a couple of pics to show you how we spent these two days in Maastricht!

Day 1

2018-04-19 21.07.162018-04-19 20.59.392018-04-19 21.11.252018-04-19 21.11.212018-04-19 21.11.292018-04-19 20.59.50

The first day we spent exploring the streets a little, visiting the Sint Janskerk and The Natural History museum. After climbing what felt like a million steps, we had the loveliest view from the tower of the church (the left one on the first photo!). Something you may not know of me is that I absolutely LOVE prehistoric times and the creatures that lived back then. So, visiting the Natural History Museum of Maastricht was a must. We even met a slightly awkwardly smiling creature that represents perfectly how I feel in most social situations …

We were really lucky with the weather while visiting Maastricht! It was sunny and above 25 degrees Celcius. It justย asked for a couple of scoops from one of the many Pinky‘s we saw!

Day 2

2018-04-19 20.59.302018-04-19 21.23.172018-04-19 21.27.232018-04-19 20.59.352018-04-19 20.59.582018-04-19 20.59.55

Day 2

This day started early and we went out to explore the city a little more. We shopped (read: I shopped and Pieter was the critic of the clothes) and visited “boekhandel Dominicanen“. Of course I couldn’t leave empty handed – I’ll show you what I got in a book haul soon! After I was craving a coffee and so we ended up in Monkey Coffee. I wasn’t looking forward to breaking out in sweat (this day it was even about 30 degrees Celsius!!) while drinking regular hot coffee, so I got an iced coffee instead. Next time we’ll definitely get one of those gorgeous donuts!ย We ended this day in the park and I really enjoyed the blossoming trees – can’t get enough of them!

Have you ever visited Maastricht? If you’re planning on visiting The Netherlands and want something else than Amsterdam I really recommend you visit this wonderful, historical city!

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