Maastricht, april 2018

2018-04-19 20.59.46

Yesterday and the day before that Pieter and I spent in the beautiful city Maastricht. This is a city located in the most southern point of the Netherlands and walking the streets and squares it really felt like we were abroad! Here are a couple of pics to show you how we spent these two days in Maastricht!

Day 1

2018-04-19 21.07.162018-04-19 20.59.392018-04-19 21.11.252018-04-19 21.11.212018-04-19 21.11.292018-04-19 20.59.50

The first day we spent exploring the streets a little, visiting the Sint Janskerk and The Natural History museum. After climbing what felt like a million steps, we had the loveliest view from the tower of the church (the left one on the first photo!). Something you may not know of me is that I absolutely LOVE prehistoric times and the creatures that lived back then. So, visiting the Natural History Museum of Maastricht was a must. We even met a slightly awkwardly smiling creature that represents perfectly how I feel in most social situations …

We were really lucky with the weather while visiting Maastricht! It was sunny and above 25 degrees Celcius. It just asked for a couple of scoops from one of the many Pinky’s we saw!

Day 2

2018-04-19 20.59.302018-04-19 21.23.172018-04-19 21.27.232018-04-19 20.59.352018-04-19 20.59.582018-04-19 20.59.55

Day 2

This day started early and we went out to explore the city a little more. We shopped (read: I shopped and Pieter was the critic of the clothes) and visited “boekhandel Dominicanen“. Of course I couldn’t leave empty handed – I’ll show you what I got in a book haul soon! After I was craving a coffee and so we ended up in Monkey Coffee. I wasn’t looking forward to breaking out in sweat (this day it was even about 30 degrees Celsius!!) while drinking regular hot coffee, so I got an iced coffee instead. Next time we’ll definitely get one of those gorgeous donuts! We ended this day in the park and I really enjoyed the blossoming trees – can’t get enough of them!

Have you ever visited Maastricht? If you’re planning on visiting The Netherlands and want something else than Amsterdam I really recommend you visit this wonderful, historical city!

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  1. I saw most of these photos on Instagram already (haha xD) but seems like you both had a lovely time! I haven’t been to the Netherlands except to go to de Efteling (like 14 years ago) but Maastricht looks amazing. I’d definitely visit the Natural History Museum as well. I’m nuts about museums!

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