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At the start of 2016 I posted about my top 5 genres (in Dutch), but recently I was thinking about reposting this top 5 and noticed that the genres kinda shifted places. So, today’s post is dedicated to my revisited top 5 genres!

5. (Urban) Fantasy

I love fantasy, but not high fantasy that much. It has to be a bit recognisable and relatable in order for me to love it (as with all genres/books), so I think Urban Fantasy is a better description of the kind of fantasy I love. To give you a view on Urban Fantasy – popular ones are the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series!

4. (Modern) Classics

During my years as a Literature student I have read lots of classics and I really think they each gave me something to think about! Every now and then I like to read a book that’s not that easy to read and makes me want to read all the books and articles on them. My all time favourite book is also a (modern) classic: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov! I have read tons of articles on that novel and even written my BA thesis on it, but I still discover new themes and other things each time I read it!

3. Horror

I think, besides Urban Fantasy, I also love fantasy that’s scary – aka horror! I love to be grossed out by a story and I’m still looking for something that just goes too far for my liking (although Bleed by Ed Kurtz came awfully close)

2. (Psychological) Thrillers

I can really lose myself in a good thriller, like the ones by Nicci French. And if they have a psychological twist to them – even better! I have tried studying Psychology for half a year. I came to the conclusion that I love psychology, but not all the brainy and chemical stuff that comes with it. However, I do love reading both fiction and non-fiction that involves psycho serial killers! They can’t be crazy enough! But thrillers that play with the reader’s mind are also a favourite of mine!

1. New Adult/Romance

Yep. For a long time I have tried to convince myself that New Adult isn’t my favourite genre. But almost each time I read one, I notice that I just can’t put the book down and read a 500-page NA/romance novel in just two or three days (which is really quick for me)! There’s still a kind of taboo on (liking) the romance genre, but I’m trying not to let me be distracted by the haters and just come out for my love of romance!

Some other genres that didn’t make my top 5 are: dystopian novels (like the Hunger Games and 1984), murder mysteries and contemporary novels!

What’s your favourite genre?

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