Drink me Chai

2017-10-24 10.40.31

Some time ago I was in the supermarket, looking for my regular chai latte product only to find out that it was gone, forever. But then … I found a gorgeous looking product, the spiced chai latte from Drink me Chai. I bought it, although it was a little more expensive than my previous product. I have never regretted buying it, because it’s the best chai latte I’ve ever tasted!

Besides it being delicious, the end product also looks so good! I began using it as a prop in my bookstagram photo’s and they have never looked so cosy before, if I may say so myself. I was so happy when Drink me Chai sent me a message on Instagram to ask if I was open to try some of their flavours!

I chose the flavours Peppermint, Chocolate and Vanilla and immediately tried them out! Where I normally don’t really like added flavours to my coffee or cappuccino, I love these. Both the scents and flavours aren’t too heavy, but they’re definitely there. The hints to the peppermint and vanilla flavours were exactly right and the chocolate one smells exactly like “chocolate kruidnoten“, which are small cookies we eat here in the Netherlands when Sinterklaas is in the country!

While you could, of course, drink these Chai lattes whenever you feel like, I think there are certain times when they are just perfect. The scent of peppermint reminds me of candy canes, so that one would be perfect around Christmas. The vanilla (and spicy chai latte) has a warm scent and flavour, so I’d definitely drink that on a cold afternoon or evening. I already touched on the smell of the chocolate one, so I’ll be drinking that from now until December 5th (Sinterklaas evening)! That is, if I don’t drink it all before that date.

2017-10-24 10.40.22

I drink my Chai latte with soy milk, but you can also prepare it with regular milk (for frothing) or just water! Whatever way you prefer! But making a latte of it isn’t the only way to do it. Drink me Chai’s instagram page is full of photo’s of other recipes using their product, like brownies, smoothies and even hot meals like soups!

When buying a product from Drink me Chai, you’ll also be helping Pratham, a charity that teaches disadvantaged children in India to read! Drink me Chai donates a percentage of their profits of every product sold to Pratham. So, while you enjoy a chai latte while reading, you’ll also be helping others to learn how to read!

2017-10-24 10.48.56

I got these products for free, but that won’t affect my honest opinion about it in any way *

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