Zodiac, Robert Graysmith

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Title: Zodiac: the Shocking True Story of America’s Most Elusive Serial Killer
Author: Robert Graysmith
No. of pages:
Genre: True Crime, Nonfiction
Publication date:
January 1st 1986
Date read: October 9th 2017

Waardering: 4 uit 5.


A sexual sadist, the Zodiac’s pleasure was torture and murder. He taunted the authorities with mocking notes telling where he would strike next. The official tally of his victims was six. He claimed 37 dead. He was never caught. This book tells the inside story of the hunt for the hooded killer, and finally reveals his possible true identity.


Before I bought and read this book, I had already seen a good amount of YouTube video’s about this intriguing case. What I find most interesting about it, is that there were a couple of suspects that fit the description of the Zodiac Killer perfectly. Nevertheless, this case is still, and will possibly forever remain, unsolved.

This nonfiction story contains a big amount of different people who all had something to do with this case, which made it a bit difficult to follow at the start. Besides, the book contains not only a lot of different people, but also a lot of details. Of course, in a case like this, every single thing has to be taken into consideration. For example, the dent in Paul Stine’s cab that was caused by a minor accident a few days before he was killed. This shows that this dent had nothing to do with the murder itself! It seems like an unimportant little detail at first, but that’s what I really liked about this book. Graysmith takes you with him on his hunt for the Zodiac Killer: you get to know everything he knows about the case (or at least, I think so!).

Not only do you get to know every little detail, Graysmith has also put in some images of the letters written by the Zodiac, the ciphers, drawings and so on. You’d almost think you could solve the case yourself! Nothing could be further from the truth though. First of all, you only get to read Graysmith’s visions on this case, meaning there are still a lot of other suspects he doesn’t talk about! Secondly, because of the publicity this case got, a lot of people know a lot of details about it. That’s exactly what makes it hard to solve: people have claimed and can claim to be the Zodiac killer, because of all these released details! All in all, the Zodiac killer will forever intrigue people interested in true crime.

In 2007 a movie was released on the case of the Zodiac, based on the findings and the book Zodiac by Robert Graysmith. I’m really looking forward to watching this movie soon, but also to reading the second book Graysmith wrote on the Zodiac case: Zodiac Unmasked. In this sequel he claims to being able to identify the Zodiac killer, although the case is still, officially, marked as unsolved!

Do you have any other true crime book recommendations?

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