5 tips to read more books

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Before I started studying Literature I was in a huge reading slump. I was too busy with being a teenager and finding myself that I didn’t have any time left to read. Besides that I never thought that reading and books could be a passion, so I kind of abandoned it. Today I want to share five tips on how to make and find time in your day to read!

1. Read what you like!

Let’s just start with the tip I think is most important: read the books of which you’re sure you’ll like. I have my own personal go-to genres and authors that I know will instantly get me out of a reading slump! I’m a sucker for crime, thrillers and horror and if it wasn’t obvious already I love the books by Stephen King. So, whenever I find myself not enjoying a book anymore, or when I simply haven’t been reading for a while, I grab an unread King book, or thriller from my shelf. Don’t go reading books that are simply popular at the moment or will make you popular because it’s hyped on bookstagram. For instance: YA is immensely popular on bookstagram, but I know I’m not really the biggest fan of that genre. So I won’t read that genre when I find myself in a reading slump!

Now I’m not implying that you’re not allowed to read books you’re not sure of you’ll like anymore. Not at all! I still have some books on my shelves I really want to read, but which are not from my go-to authors or genres. Those I will read whenever I feel like it, but it won’t be the best thing to read for when I’m in the deep dark well called a reading slump.

2. Always have a book with you.

There are enough moments in a day where you catch yourself just staring into the void. At least, my days contain lots of those moments. So why not fill those up with staring into a book and with that, also escaping to a whole new world? I always have a book with me, even if I only go outdoors for a couple of hours. There are too many moments where I thought: “I wish I’d brought a book.” This way it’s way easier to squeeze in some moments for reading. Even if it’s only for one or two pages!

3. Fill up your moments of “staring at your phone” with reading!

This tip is kind of the same as the previous one: do you have a half an hour break at work/school? Read! Do you have to travel for an hour by train? Read! Most people, including myself, have the habit to fill these gaps with staring into the void/at their phone. Fill these up with reading and you add an extra half an hour to your day that you’ve spent reading. I always love to read on the train since there’s not a bunny/cat/dog/boyfriend/television/fridge to keep you distracted from reading! (at least, unfortunately, my train is still old-fashioned and without a fridge).

4. Know what book to read next.

If you know what to read after your current read, there’s a smaller chance that you’ll end up in a reading slump after you finish your book. Tip: make a TBR jar, so you always have a next book ready! (but still try to enjoy your current read of course! ;))

5. Enjoy reading!

This tip may seem to not help you to read more, but if you don’t feel like reading, don’t read! Don’t make reading a chore you have to cross off your to-do list! Reading has to be and stay a fun activity! When you notice that you actually want to bingewatch that series on Netflix, do it! If you have to keep forcing yourself to read, you’ll eventually enjoy it less and less and finally not read at all.

I hope these tips were helpful for when you just want to read more or when you’re currently in a reading slump!

*I’m not implying that these tips will work for everyone, these are simply some habits I have to keep on reading and keep enjoying it*

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