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Today I want to quickly tell you something about my TBR jar. In 2016 I already made a post on how to make your own TBR jar, but that was in Dutch, so I’ll also repost a bit about that in English now!

As you can see on my goodreads shelves: I still have about 100 unread books on them. Add about ten to that, because I also have a lot of books that I want to reread anytime soon!

Last week I noticed that I kind of harshly abandoned my previous TBR jar. I didn’t really ‘need’ it anymore, since I just bought tons of new books and read those, instead of reading the books I already had. I really want to try and decrease my TBR list (that consists only pf books that I already own), so I thought of making a new TBR jar. And last Friday I did! It took me a while to get all the books on those little pieces of paper and to fold them but the core of it is SO simple.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Jar
  • And of course some TBR books!

How you make it:

  • Cut the paper into pieces of the size of your preference, or don’t if it’s already small enough.
  • Write all the info you want on the little pieces of paper. I only wrote the titles of the books, but you can also add the author names, the page count or what format you have the books in (paper copy, ebook, ARC etc.).
  • Fold the pieces of paper, so you can’t see what title is on them! That’s what the TBR jar is about: your next read will be a surprise to you and it may not be the book you had in mind, but that can also be lovely (or it can suck). For example: I still haven’t read Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and I’m actually not really looking forward to reading it. Oops. I’m not really into reading such classics, since I love fast-paced (thrilling) books way better. But on the other hand: I bought this book because I wanted to read it, right? So I better read it.
  • Put the folded pieces of paper into your jar and you now have a TBR jar in your possession! Easy huh?!
  • Extra: you can also decorate your TBR jar to your likings with stickers, ribbons etc. It’s your TBR jar, do what you want with it!

Let me know when you’ve made yours, I’d love to see your creations!

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  1. I recently made myself a TBR jar! I chose to write various prompts at them such as “read a book under 150 pages” or “read a book with å purple cover”. I made it primarily to get myself to read more of the books that I also have, but I think it would also be of help whenever I get into a reading slump.

    I like the idea of just writing the title of the book and/or the authors name! Might have to create a 2nd one and then I can alternate according to my mood. =)

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    1. Ooooh that sounds so cool 😱 Do you make the prompts bases on the books you have? Because I don’t think I have a book with a purple cover 😂 I might have to try your idea as well!


      1. I make some prompts based on the books that I have, but I have also used other challenges prompts like Popsugar yearly reading challenge to create more variation. Main goal is to find books on my TBR shelf, but if I don’t have a suitable book for a specific prompt I will borrow the book from the library. =)

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