Mistakes of My Past, Emily James


After having introduced Emily James’s debut novel Mistakes of My Past a little, I’d like to share my own thoughts on this book with you today!

Waardering: 4 uit 5.

To freshen up your mind a little here’s the blurb again! 

What do you do when your relationship destroys everything good in your life?
It’s simple, right? You escape – by any means necessary.

Amber knew that leaving Tommy was going to be hard and quite possibly deadly. After all, she has things that he will stop at nothing to get.
When Amber flees England to start fresh with her estranged father in Ohio she starts the process of rebuilding her life.

Will is recovering from his own disastrous relationship, which has left him mistrusting of high maintenance women. And when he meets Amber, she seems just that.

Getting off to a rocky start, Amber and Will soon realise they have more in common than they thought.

Can Amber ever really free herself from the mistakes of her past?
Or are they only ever one short step behind her?
(source: Goodreads)


Since I love reading steamy romance novels, I was convinced that I’d love reading Mistakes of My Past. And I was not disappointed! Not at all!

That is, after I got past the slight mess that was the beginning of the novel. Some sentences I had to read over and over just to make sense of them. At some places later in the novel I had the same problem, which made me wonder if I just missed a certain train of thought. Like in a letter sent by Tommy, Amber’s ex. He says: “Until I die“, but Amber makes of this “Until you die” (p 38). Thisjust wasn’t a logical conclusion to me, and this happened a couple of times in the book, which made my reading experience a little messy.

The rest of the story read like a train and it was. so. good. The events followed each other in a logical way, so I just wanted to read and read until I couldn’t read any more, because there were no pages left to read! I really got to love Will, Cody, Roxy, Amber’s father and even Amber. Normally I’m not very fond of the female characters in romance novels, since they are very … female. A lot of women can make a big deal out of some thing so very small (I know this, because I’m a woman myself hah), which can make me very annoyed with the main female character. (“Why would you ever leave such a GREAT guy for something so silly? Come on!”) But I didn’t really have this problem with Amber, since she has every right to not trust men because of her shitty ex.

And this novel was so much more than just a romance novel! It also involves the right amount of drama and crime and the end was so very thrilling to read! The only thing I missed was some more steamy scenes between Will and Amber. Every time it just started to get hot … it ended. So, all in all, I give Mistakes of My Past the following amount of stars:

*I received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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