My Reading Journal || DIY


Somewhere in the past few months I saw an instagram post of somebody’s reading journal (don’t know who it was anymore!) and that made me want to begin my own. Just to have a better overview of the books I read per month. I like to keep track of all the books I read and it makes me quite happy to see how many books (and pages) I’ve read. The more books I read the better!

I noticed that Goodreads can be somewhat messy when it comes to keeping track of your read books. When I make a ‘Wrap Up’ blogpost at the end of the month, I just want to see in one look how many books I’ll talk about. And keeping a reading journal is SO easy! All you need is a notebook and one or more pens!

You can choose yourself what you’d like to keep track of. All I write down is: the title, the author, the page count and my rating. That’s it! But it doesn’t have to stop there. Maybe you want to write down who your favourite character was, or maybe a lovely quote. It’s YOUR journal, so do what you want with it!

Since I number my books, all year long, I can see how many books I’ve read in one year (but you can also join the Goodreads Reading Challenge of course!) And at the beginning of the new year, you start again, with number 1. Isn’t that a refreshing start of a new year?

I’m thinking about making a graph of the page count per month, or just a total count of the pages I’ve read in 2016 at the end of December. Or both! I’m already curious about the amount of pages I will have devoured at the end of 2016!

Do you already keep a reading journal? What does yours look like?

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  1. I think I saw the same bookstagrammer you were talking about just then. This is actually a great idea. I might do this too. Thanks for sharing Romi!


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