The Abominable Book Club, November 2019 || Unboxing

photo_2019-11-07 11.49.00

I wasn’t aware of it, but apparently I quit my subscription to The Abominable Book Box one day too late, which ended up in it being renewed for November šŸ˜…Ā Am I sad about this? No, not at all. I thought the October box would be my last box, but now I have another one!

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Fairyloot Bookbox Unboxing


I believe it was in September that I took part in a giveaway on instagram. With it you could win the Fairyloot November bookbox and $50,- on Society 6. AND GUESS WHO WON?! YES, I DID! My IGname got picked out of the about 1,000 (if not more) people who participated! Yesterday was the day my bookbox arrived and I opened it right away. Beneath you can find the contents and a bit more about the Fairyloot bookbox!

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