My 2016 as a Reader


A while ago I posted a little blogpost about my Reading Journal and the way I’m used to keep mine. I think keeping a reading journal gives you a more orderly view on what and how much you read than Goodreads. For example: not all the books I read can be found on Goodreads, and most books have different editions, with different pagecounts. A reading journal just makes your reading experience a little more personal! But I’m digressing … This post is dedicated to give you a quick overview of my 2016 in books and pages!

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My Reading Journal || DIY


Somewhere in the past few months I saw an instagram post of somebody’s reading journal (don’t know who it was anymore!) and that made me want to begin my own. Just to have a better overview of the books I read per month. I like to keep track of all the books I read and it makes me quite happy to see how many books (and pages) I’ve read. The more books I read the better!

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