April 2019 book haul #2

Another book haul you ask? Yes, another book haul. I’m still keeping to my book buying ban though – these books are all ARC’s and I didn’t *buy* them, so it doesn’t count right? 😏 Without jokes, thank you so much to the authors of these books for sending them my way! I’m really looking forward to reading them! Now, let’s shove my bookhoarding problem to the side and get on with my book haul.

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April 2019 book haul #1


Last week was the National Book Week here in the Netherlands: a week dedicated to books and writers! It also means that you get the book week gift for free, when you buy a Dutch (original or translated) book. And of course I couldn’t let that pass, so I broke my book buying ban once again and bought a book. Besides that I also got a couple of review e-copies!

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April book haul #2

2018-04-23 11.23.30

While I was in Maastricht last Thursday I just had to visit boekhandel Dominicanen and buy a book. I ended up, as is usual, in the thriller/suspense section where I found a lot of (Dutch translations of) King’s books. While browsing I saw a sealed hardcover of Finders Keepers, the second book in the Bill Hodges trilogy. For only 10 euros!! I’m currently reading Mr. Mercedes, the first book, and I’m absolutely loving it. So it was only logical to buy this one!

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