February 2019 wrap up!

2019-02-28 12.00.34

February was a weird month. I finished “only” four books and I’m currently reading two that I won’t be able to finish before this month is over. Luckily, I set my reading goal a lot lower this year, so I still don’t feel pressured. Last year I read an average of six/seven books per month and this past month I’ve only finished four. And I’m not even mad!

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February wrap up!

February wrap up

Didn’t February just fly by?! Tomorrow March is already here and Spring is also just around the corner! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to read as much in February as I wanted. I had one book that seemed to just take about ages to finish (not because I didn’t like it though) and I managed to read eight books in total. Not bad at all, but I had nine books on my February TBR and for a perfectionist and avid list maker (and tick-off’er) it was kind of a bummer when I realised I wouldn’t have the pleasure of ticking off all the books on my TBR.

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