‘t Speulderbos, October 2018


From October 22nd til the 24th, Pieter and I were on a trip to ‘t Speulderbos. It’s declared the most beautiful and one of the oldest forest(s) of The Netherlands and I can confirm that this forest has something magical to it. Pieter and I definitely were in awe of the views we got to see. In this post I’ll share some of the photo’s I took with my SLR camera!

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Finally, the sweaty weather has left and sweather weather has arrived! It’s Autumn! That means that it gets dark earlier in the day; I can finally wear my favourite knitwears and burn all the candles; drink a lot of hot drinks and read my books underneath the fluffiest blankets. Where I like to be cozy and warm on the one side, I actually like to be cold as well. It makes me feel the cold touch my fingers, nose and legs. It makes me feel alive.

All is well and merry. That is, until I can’t feel my fingers anymore and all I want to be is at home, curled up against my boyfriend, with a purring cat warming my feet. So, not being able to feel your fingers anymore is a good thing right? Now you can look forward to getting warm again. At least, that’s what I like to think.