March 2019 overview

March has been quite a slow month when it comes to my blog. I just didn’t feel that inspired to write original posts and I read a couple of big books in March, that made me write less reviews than I normally do. Anyway, let’s get on with the seven posts I did write in the month of March!

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April 2019 TBR


A new month, a new TBR!

This month’s TBR is a bit special. April is namely also the month where we sit our O.W.L.s 😏 It’s a readathon hosted by Book Roast inspired by the exams called O.W.L.s in the Harry Potter books. If you want more information on this readingchallenge, I gladly refer you to the youtube channel of Book Roast *click*! Now let’s get on with my TBR for the month of April, as well as for the O.W.L.s readathon, and the careerpath I chose.

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February 2019 overview

February felt like a kind of weird month to me. I’m currently in a bit of an existential crisis, thinking of what I exactly want in my working life. My mind was a bit of a mess, so I couldn’t really concentrate on the more difficult and meaningful books, like A Little Life. Which is a monster of a book with its 720 pages (yep, that’s a monster to me). That’s why I didn’t really post that many reviews. However, even though I’m still on a book buying ban, I had two book hauls in the month of February!

Let’s get on with the posts of February!

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February 2019 wrap up!

2019-02-28 12.00.34

February was a weird month. I finished “only” four books and I’m currently reading two that I won’t be able to finish before this month is over. Luckily, I set my reading goal a lot lower this year, so I still don’t feel pressured. Last year I read an average of six/seven books per month and this past month I’ve only finished four. And I’m not even mad!

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