How I organise my desk

2018-01-13 13.24.25

Yesterday Pieter and I, once again, went to IKEA. And, once again, we ended up buying more than we actually needed to. I had in mind to only buy a pen holder and a box to put in all my other stationery, but I walked out of the store with a board and other equipment to organise my desk. Above you can see the final result and although I spent money I didn’t actually have, I’m very happy with my purchase!

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Birthday haul!

2018-01-08 15.07.24

For those who didn’t know, last Thursday, January 4th, was my birthday. I turned 23!! Time’s flying by so very fast! It only seems like a year ago that I turned 20 (I’m afraid you’ll hear me say this until the day I die). This post is dedicated to the wonderful gifts I got!

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