July 2019 book haul #1

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Yes, yes. I’m still on a book buying ban. I know my TBR has increased badly again over the last couple of months, but I can’t help it when my mom visits and just happens to bring a bag full of books that her partner gave to me, right? Right.

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Blind verdriet van Bjorn van den Eynde || Haul

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Deze week kreeg ik een van de origineelste bookmail ooit! Uitgeverij Fantoom was zo aardig om mij een recensie-exemplaar van Blind verdriet van Bjorn van den Eynde op te sturen; inclusief puzzel van de cover. Naast lezen houd ik ontzettend van (grote) puzzels maken, dus hier maakten ze mij in ieder geval al heel enthousiast mee!

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April 2019 book haul #2

Another book haul you ask? Yes, another book haul. I’m still keeping to my book buying ban though – these books are all ARC’s and I didn’t *buy* them, so it doesn’t count right? 😏 Without jokes, thank you so much to the authors of these books for sending them my way! I’m really looking forward to reading them! Now, let’s shove my bookhoarding problem to the side and get on with my book haul.

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February book haul #1

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With all the book boxes I’m currently subscribed to, it’s going to be hard to diminish my TBR. I now have a subscription to the Abominable Book Club box (monthly) and a “Thriller abonnement“, where I get a new (not-yet-published) thriller four times a year! So, that’s at least two books a month … Let’s just say these two are an exception to the rule and that the spontaneous book buying has as good as disappeared!

Now, let’s get on with my book haul!

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