How I edit my instagram photo’s

2017-10-07 16.03.32Lately I get a lot of questions about how I edit my photo’s and what filters I use. I think you all are SO very sweet for asking (and complimenting my photography and editing skills with that!), but having to repeat it over and over and over … well, let’s just say that I’m not always in the mood to do so. So I thought, why not make a blogpost about it, so I can refer you to it in the future, because I do want to help you out! Here it goes!

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October TBR

2017-08-03 12.38.15

It’s already October, isn’t time just flying by?! Since I didn’t manage to reach my goal of reading ten books in the month of September I thought to take it easy and set up a TBR for October consisting of ‘only’ seven books. It consists of ARC’s, books I’m reading as part of a readalong and some books that I thought would be perfect for this spooky month. If you’re looking for some creepy books to read in October, you should definitely check out my post on that! Now, onto my own October TBR!

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September wrap up!

2017-08-03 12.38.08

I’m sad to say that I only managed to read seven of the ten books I had on my September TBR. I really tried, but there were things happening in my personal life that just took almost a week of reading away from me. (I won’t go too deep into it now, but it has to do with losing my dearest furbaby. My loyal instagram followers already know what I’m talking about) It broke my heart, but let’s not make this post an unhappy one! After all, I still had a good reading month in my opinion!

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