Life update!


Just a short post to tell you guys that I haven’t been able to read an awful lot the last couple of days due to events happening in my personal life. Nothing bad, luckily, just applying for jobs and getting a job that will literally turn my life upside down. I’m going to work as a sorter of the post for a big post company in the Netherlands. At night! Besides that I had fun visiting the Dutch coast, catching Pokémon and well, doing things not book related really!

I have a couple of reviews planned for the coming week, so be on the lookout for those!

x Romi

August TBR

August TBR

As you could read in my July wrap up, I’m still behind on my Goodreads reading challenge of 2017. But now that I’m back from holiday, with nothing on my calendar for the coming weeks I’m planning on reading A LOT. So today I pulled six books out of my TBR jar. Together with the book I’m currently reading (Revival by Stephen King) and a book I’m going to read for a read along on Instagram (“The Body” by Stephen King), it makes a total of eight books to read in the month of August and I hope to read even more. But we’ll see about that hah!

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