One Night’s Stay by C.B. Collins || Review

Title: One Night’s Stay
Author(s): C.B. Collins*
Pages: 476
Reading format: E-book
Genre: Horror, Supernatural

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In One Night’s Stay we meet thirteen strangers – each with their own secrets – who check into a motel to find some peace and quiet. Instead they find themselves face to face with an ancient evil. One of them is murdered during the night and others are taken away to someplace else. In order to succeed in fighting this evil, they have to face a secret that’s much bigger than their own.

When I read the synopsis of this supernatural horror for the first time, I got huge Bad Times at the El Royale vibes: strangers with secrets checking into a motel that seems to have a huge secret of its own. Since I loved that movie, I thought I might like this book as well. And I did! Where I’m normally not that big a fan of supernatural novels, I really liked this one. The creatures you meet in One Night’s Stay aren’t your average supernatural creatures, which made it easy for me to love it!

Although you get to know the characters quite well, I didn’t find them very likeable. Of course, they all have their own dark past, but I normally have this weakness for the bad guys. I didn’t have this with this book. The characters weren’t really that diverse: two women, of which one was a hooker, and eleven men. Those were only the guests, but the rest of the cast were also all men. I would have liked to meet some kick-ass woman in this story, but alas.

Nevertheless, if you’re still looking for a nice and creepy read for your October TBR, I recommend you pick up One Night’s Stay by C.B. Collins!

*I received a review-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review! All opinions in this review are my own!

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