The Octopus Curse by Salma Farook || Review


Title: The Octopus Curse
Author(s): Salma Farook
No. of pages
: 208
Publication date:
November 1st 2019
Date read:
October 18th 2019
4/5 ★

Science would have us believe that we are nothing but cell upon cell. I disagree. We are made up of stories. The stories we hear from our mothers, the ones we tell our daughters. The tales we share with sisters and friends. The ones we never say out loud, but are heavy on our minds and run like a fever in our blood.

There are a multitude of great divides between us; race, religion, cultures, the way we dress, the languages we speak, but the stories we tell bridge us together in the universal tongue of smiles, tears, pain and laughter. They remind us that, as women, we’re all chasing similar fairy-tales.

This book is a call to celebrate the bridges, delight in our stories and to focus on the joy in our lives right now, rather than racing behind the happily-ever-after. That will come in it’s own time.

Where I’m normally not a big poetry fan, with an exception every now and then, I really enjoyed the poems by Salma Farook. The collection is divided into six parts, all covering different topics. I noticed that I read some of Farook’s poems over and over again. They were beautiful and really touched something in me. Some of these were: “Kinder”, “Visceral” and “”. Farook knows how to put into words some of the things I’ve thought about, but couldn’t find the words for myself.

Also, can we talk about how absolutely pretty the cover is?! 💛

If you’re looking for a poetry collection that will definitely also touch something in you, there’s a poem for everyone in this collection, The Octopus Curse is the one for you! You can find it for free on Amazon until November 5th!

I got a free copy of this book, thanks to the author Salma Farook! This hasn’t influenced my opinion in any way! *

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