Jane, the Fox and Me by Fanny Britt & Isabelle Arsenault || Review

photo_2019-09-06 22.16.23

Title: Jane, the Fox and Me
Author(s): Fanny Britt
Illustrator(s): Isabelle Arsenault
No. of pages
: 104
Graphic Novel, Young Adult
Publication date:
September 1st 2013
Date read:
August 31st 2019
5/5 ★

Jane, the Fox and Me is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel about Hélène, who’s being bullied because she’s not like the other girls in her class. They call her fat and talk behind her back – and these girls used to be her friends! Imagine anything more humiliating to a teenage girl. Because of this Hélène feels quite lonely and she dreads going away for camp with her class. The only way she can escape this world is by reading Jane Eyre. Hélène recognises herself in Jane, because Jane is also a bit of an outcast but she’s still able to find love and happiness. When Hélène has a, what feels like magical, encounter with a red fox her life takes a turn for the better.

I really loved reading this graphic novel and the illustrations were quite simple, but I thought they were lovely! Just like Hélène was able to identify with Jane, I was able to identify myself with Hélène: I also felt like an outcast during high school and I was also bullied for a little while. All it takes is one person to make you see for yourself that you’re  actually lovable and worthy of taking up space. I raced through this novel, but I think, no I know that I’ll revisit it often in the future!

I received a free copy from the Dutch publisher, Querido kinderboeken, of this book in exchange for promotion. All opinions are entirely my own! *

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