The Dinner by Herman Koch || Review


Title: The Dinner
Author(s): Herman Koch
No. of pages
: 300
Thriller, Mystery
Publication date:
January 2009
Date read:
July 20th 2019
4.5/5 ★

In The Dinner two couples come together to have a nice and polite dinner together. They discuss what’s going on in their lives, they make jokes and eat luxurious dishes. Or so it seems. Soon into the story you get to know that nothing is what it seems.

I really liked The Dinner! Some time ago I read Summer House with Swimming Pool by Koch and I remember having somewhat the same feeling about that one as I do about The Dinner. I thought Koch did a great job on tricking the reader – letting them think they know the characters, before coming with a plot twist that turns everything upside down. In only about two days I managed to finish reading it and I had a hard time putting it down! I just had to know what came next!

At the moment I’m quite excited to read Koch’s other books, and I hope to do so soon.

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