Solving Cadence Moore by Gregory Sterner || Review

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Title: Solving Cadence Moore
Author(s): Gregory Sterner
No. of pages
: 370
Thriller, Mystery 
Publication date:
November 7th 2017
Date read:
June 30th 2019
4/5 ★

Solving Cadence Moore tells of the fictional unsolved disappearance of singing star Cadence Moore. It’s been ten years since she mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth and nothing has been heard of her since then. Podcast host Charlie Marx gets the challenge of solving this mystery. But Charlie has secrets of his own, and if he doesn’t come clear soon it will end badly for him as well.

When I first heard of Solving Cadence Moore I was immediately intrigued by its plot. I’ve never heard of this setting in a thriller before and that was what mainly got my attention: Charlie hosts the conspiracy show “Underground Broadcast” and he may just be the one to solve this case. Crime thrillers are not my favourite kind of thrillers, so I love it when it’s someone else than the police that solves a mystery. If Charlie is able to solve this case or not, I obviously won’t tell, but this book will keep you in its grip from start to finish. It’s detailed, original and definitely hard to put down.

I received a paper copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kelsey, from Book Publicity Services, for sending me a copy! *

3 thoughts on “Solving Cadence Moore by Gregory Sterner || Review

  1. I accidentally saw that name as ‘Charlie Manx’ at first, heh… It’s interesting what you say about this book being one where the crime is solved (or not) by someone not associated with the police! I never really thought about it that way before, haha.

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