Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French || Review

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Title: Waiting for Wednesday
Series: Frieda Klein #3
Author(s): Nicci French
No. of pages
: 478
Publication date:
May 24th 2013
Date read:
June 24th 2019
4/5 ★

Waiting for Wednesday is the third book in the series around psychotherapist Frieda Klein and just like the first two books it deals with an intriguing case. This time it’s a young girl who finds her mother, killed, on the floor of the living room. Why would someone kill her? Did she have secrets of her own?

This book series is one of the few I’m reading in chronological order and I’m happy that I decided to do so. With every book you get to know Frieda Klein a little better, but in the third book she’s still quite mysterious to me. Nevertheless, I think she’s an interesting personality and I fell in love with the descriptions of her home.

The case in this book was intriguing, yet I hoped for a different ending. As it was now, it’s still a little too cliche to my liking and I hoped to be baffled by the outcome. Unfortunately it wasn’t entirely, I still liked reading (actually listening, I ‘read’ it as an audiobook) it, but it would be even better if I’d been blown away by the solution. Maybe I’ve just read too many thrillers already 🤷🏻‍♂️

Have you read this Waiting for Wednesday?

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