Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge || Review

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Title: Liar Liar
Series: Helen Grace #4
M.J. Arlidge
No. of pages
: 443
Crime, Thriller
Publication date:
September 10th 2015
Date read:
April 18th 2019
4/5 ★

When Helen Grace gets confronted with six big fires in only twenty-four hours, she and her team has to find out who’s behind this destruction of their town.

Just like the previous books in the series on DI Helen Grace, this one also read like a train. Where a book of more than 400 pages easily takes me more than a week to finish, I finished this one in about four days – I just couldn’t put it down! Every chapter ends with some kind of cliffhanger and they’re also quite short, so it’s very easy to say “just one more chapter”. However, I didn’t think the case and the solution to it was as original as the previous ones. I don’t know what exactly makes me think that, because it’s definitely not something you see that often. I guess I just don’t have anything with big fires myself when it comes to reading crimethrillers. However, Arlidge did a great job on telling how fires this big can affect families and the homes they lived in. It literally leaves nothing standing.

4 thoughts on “Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge || Review

  1. Crime/thriller hasn’t been my thing for ages, but I’ll definitely check out Arlidge’s books next time I’m in the mood for this sort of read! I have been kind of thinking I need an addictive read soon though, and it sounds like this series is very addictive indeed. 😄


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