Cast a Cold Eye by Alan Ryan || Review

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Title: Cast a Cold Eye
Alan Ryan
No. of pages
: 246
Publication date:
January 1st 1984
Date read:
March 31st 2019
4.5/5 ★

In Cast a Cold Eye we follow the American writer Jack Quinlan to Ireland where he wants to do research for his new book about the Irish famine. He ends up in a small village in the quiet western part of Ireland. Here he finds so much more than he thought he would.

Guys, I really loved this book! The atmosphere was perfectly gloomy and although the cover of this book was probably the most creepy part of this book, the story definitely had some creepy moments. I think I’d have found them even creepier if I only read this book at nighttime. Daylight and sunshine doesn’t really do justice to this book.

The story contained historical background, romance and mystery. It had it all! Nevertheless, you can notice that this is a book in the 80’s. Mainly because all of the characters that are important to the plot line are male and the females are mostly there to cook meals and clean Jack Quinlan’s house. But oh well, I still loved this creepy little tale!

6 thoughts on “Cast a Cold Eye by Alan Ryan || Review

  1. It’s a shame about the role of females in this one, but I recognise older books can often be like this. Newer books don’t really have an excuse though!

    Glad you found lots of enjoy about this one anyway. The atmosphere does sound well written!

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