This or that #5

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It’s time for another “this or that”! Again, I will answer to five this or that dilemma’s. Feel free to join me in the comments!

Cover buy or blurb buy?

I don’t often read the blurbs of the books I read. Most times I trust on the title, the author’s name and recommendations to choose if I buy/borrow a book or not. And yes, the cover. I’m a sucker for beautiful covers!

Blurb buy or review-based buy?

Just like I don’t read blurbs of books that often, I also almost never read any reviews 😅 I know that sounds a bit weird for a book blogger that mainly posts … book reviews. So, if I had to choose between buying a book based on the blurb, or based on the reviews, I’d choose the blurb. I just don’t want to be spoiled or influenced in forming my opinion on a book, in any way!

Binge read or treasure series?

I’m not one who binge reads whole series. Don’t misunderstand, I’d love to! I’m just easily distracted by other books I guess 😂

Classic or contemporary?

This is a tough one 🤔 I think I’d choose contemporary though. Mainly because I read for leisure and to relax, and contemporary books are often written in a more understandable language that reads more easily. Especially since I want to read (classic) books in their original language and English isn’t my first language!

Reading snack or not?

Yes. I’ve noticed that I can focus more easily on a book while keeping my hands busy. Otherwise I’ll begin picking my nails and skin. And what’s better than keeping my hands busy while eating snacks 🤤

Feel free to use these, or the dilemma’s from my previous “This or that” posts (1) (2) (3), (4), for your own blog!

Do you have any “this or that” dilemma’s that you’d like to see answered?

18 thoughts on “This or that #5

  1. Aren’t we all suckers for a beautiful cover though?! 😂 I do read blurbs and reviews from friends – reviews usually make me super excited to read a book and see what I think of it myself. My sister much prefers not to know anything about a book at all though. If I try to tell her what a book is about, she yells at me, haha.

    I much prefer contemporary over classics for the same reason as you. I don’t usually have the energy or patience to decipher the prose in old classics! But I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of great stuff, oops. I would like to try more classics at some point. When I have some time. 😅

    Oh, I also pick at my nails and skin (although I’m better about not doing it now), but I never thought about snacking to help me avoid it. Now that’s an idea. 😁


    1. I guess we are! 😁 Glad to know I’m not the only one! I’ve read quite some classics for uni and maybe that’s also why I prefer to read contemporary novels and books from the second half of the 20th century right now 😂


      1. Hahah I didn’t as well before I studied it! The only classics I’d read were for high school and I’d read about five in total? 😂 I love a classic every now and then, but I prefer contemporary 🙈


      2. Lolita is my all-time favourite 🙈 But I also loved Wuthering Heights, The Picture of Dorian Gray and To Kill a Mockingbird 🙌🏼


    1. Yes, exactly! I’d love to binge read series though, I just need a distraction in between! Although sometimes that distraction can lead to a two year break in between parts of a series 😂

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      1. Ahaha, same. Even worse, sometimes I take a break in the middle of reading a book and read a different book. I have been known to start a book, take a break, and then finish it a year later 😛

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    1. I only ever had that with the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan! I would immediately bike to the library to borrow the next part if I finished one. And the desparation that followed when it was already borrowed by someone else 😂😭


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