The Childfree Society Club by Jaclyn Jaeger || Review

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Title: The Childfree Society Club
Jaclyn Jaeger
No. of pages:
Publication date: 
December 1st 2018
Date read:
February 9th 2019
4/5 ★


When best friends Samantha Duncan and Ellie Thomas decide to establish The Childfree Society Club, their intent is that it would serve as a social group through which happily childfree women, like themselves, could connect. What they could not have imagined is that it would also become for its members a central support system from which lifelong friendships would bloom.

For Samantha, a successful and career-focused attorney, The Childfree Society Club is a source of encouragement as she learns to open her heart after falling hard for a single dad. For Ellie, at odds with her husband’s sudden desire to adopt a child, the club is a sense of kinship. For Sabrina Das, whose marriage is thrown into a tailspin when her husband decides he wants a baby after all, it is a place of comfort and strength. For Hannah Priestley, who wants nothing more than to have a baby but struggles with infertility, it is a means of healing. For Maddie Bennett, who carries the guilt of an abortion she had back in high school, it is a chance to atone for the bad decisions of her past.

Together, the interwoven lives of these five women candidly reveal the comical and poignant realities of what it means to be a childfree woman in a baby-obsessed world. With humor, drama, and raw emotion, The Childfree Society Club is a story about the true-to-life lengths women are willing (and not so willing) to go for love and friendship.


Already as a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a mother when I grew up. It’s still my biggest dream to become a mom of at least two kids. Although this might seem like a normal dream to lots of women, there are also women who don’t think that children fit into their lives. And that’s okay! What’s not okay is all the people trying to convince these women otherwise. Like they don’t make decent human beings if they don’t have children. Like they live a less fulfilling life than the women who choose to become a mom. I can easily imagine a fulfilling life without any children in it. It’s just my personal choice to have children, just like it’s their personal choice not to.

This novel follows five women who each have their own reasons why they don’t have children. Some don’t want them and some can’t have them. They all face their own problems. I thought the idea of forming a club with women without children was a original and great one. This way they could all support each other and hang out without the problems of having to find a babysitter for the weekend. They all became best friends super fast! If only it was that easy to make friends in real life …

Almost all the views on this topic are discussed, although I personally think it lacked a bit more depth. But, if you’re a woman who doesn’t want to have children, or if you’re a woman who does, this book gives great insight in the view on the choice of not having children.

This ebook was kindly sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review *

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