My bullet journal set up for 2019

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Just like in 2018 I will keep a bullet journal in the coming year. I already showed you my full year with my first bullet journal earlier, but now I’m going to show you how I’m setting up my year and my months in 2019. I edited some of my spreads and added a couple of new ones!


The first page I added to my new set up was an overview of events and appointments that are planned over the year. These include dentist appointments, events I bought tickets for already and birthdays!

Besides the new “events” page you can see how I plan on setting up my monthly dividers. And you can also see that I use English and Dutch interchangeably 😂

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In my previous monthly set up, I missed a page where I had my monthly important dates in one overview, so I added this monthly calendar where I put the events from the “events” page and add some other minor appointments that are not important enough for the “events” page. Yes, I put a lot of thought in my bujo 😂

I edited my TBR to this smaller one, because I always had so much space left on my TBR page! Besides that I have my habits that hasn’t changed since the beginning. Only the separate habits change a little over time.

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Since I read and dismissed a lot of books of/from my TBR, I could reduce my TBR shelves that I had in 2018. I only have one page left now!

Inspired by @lottelikesbooks on instagram, I also added this “Reading tracker” spread! I’m already loving tracking the pages I read per day and adding them to my graph 🤓 Instead of tracking my hours read, like Lotte does, I track the pages I read per book per day. Otherwise I would be too focused on setting my timer each time I read and most times I only read for 10 minutes before I take a minibreak to scroll through instagram 🙈 The books each get their own colour, so I end up with a nice overview!

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Although I still buy some books every now and then, I’m currently on a book buying ban until I’ve read a major amount of the books on my TBR. To keep an eye on how many books I actually buy, I added this “books bought” page!


My weekly spreads are still pretty much the same as in 2018. One tiny change has occurred though: I ran out of my “weeks-of-the-day” washi tape, so now I either have to buy a new one or I need to come up with a new way of putting in the weekdays … I’ve already noticed that I really liked the easiness of having a washi tape ready to use instead of having to be creative with letters myself, so I think I’m just going to buy (a few) new one(s) 🙈

Do you keep a bullet journal? What are some of your favourite spreads?

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