This or that? #4

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It’s been a while since I made my last “This or that?” post! I still come up with new ones, and I love answering them, so here are five more this or that dilemma’s!

Reading at night or in the morning?

I’m a night owl at heart, so reading at night for sure! There’s just this calmth at night that makes me able to focus better on what I’m reading. Plus we recently got a new mattress + bed, so once I’m in it’s hard to get me out again 😂

Library or bookshop?

Although I don’t own a library card at the moment, I think I’ll go for library! I had one as a kid though and I absolutely loved browsing through the books and taking about six with me (for free!). And if I didn’t like them, no money was lost and I could just take them back to the library and choose new ones! Brilliant right? I really can’t wait to get a library card again, but I still have about 70 books left unread on my shelves. So, once I get through most of those, I’ll definitely reward myself with a library card!

Feelgood or emotional?

love myself a big book that has an emotional ending. The more I want to throw the book to the other side of the room because it makes me cry, the better 🙈 Those books are the ones that make me feel the most while reading and thus the ones that I’ll remember best.

Character or plot?

Of course, a good plot line is necessary for me to like a book, but I prefer round characters over a good plot line. If I’m able to really connect and somehow identify myself with the main characters, the plot line isn’t that important anymore. I mean, I was a huge Twilight fan, mainly because I loved the character of Bella so much and we all know what the story is about 😅

Bookmark or dogear?

I always use a bookmark and I have about a hundred of them – I’m not even kidding. Even if I didn’t have that many, I would still use a receipt/wrapper/leaf/my phone as a bookmark. Nevertheless, though, I don’t mind making a dog-ear in a book. So, if I didn’t have this love for bookmarks, I would just dog-ear my place in a book I guess 🤷‍♂️

Feel free to use these, or the dilemma’s from my previous “This or that” posts (1) (2) (3), for your own blog!

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