Getting through my TBR V || #theunreadshelfproject

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In 2018 I took part in a hashtag called #theunreadshelfproject, by Whitney from @theunreadshelf on Instagram. This year I’m going to continue my journey through my TBR – I still have about 70 books left!

Most of the rules I set for myself last year, still apply to this year.

  1. Make at least 50 books disappear from my TBR, in one way or another
  2. Get a library card
  3. Read/buy more ebooks
  4. (finally) Donate books to charity and thrift shops

This means that I have to end 2019 with 20 books, or less, on my TBR. Since I’ve read 92 books in 2018, I think there’s a high chance of me being able to tick this one off my list. How absolutely amazing would it be if I’ve read all the books on my TBR by the end of the year and actually own 0 (zero) unread books!!

I still want to read more of the unread books I own, before I get a library card. If I don’t, I just know that I’ll soon abandon the poor books on my shelf and read all the library books instead!

The last rule is more a case of “Romi being too lazy to get her ass over to the thrift shop and donate the books” than that I still need to choose the books I want to donate. I made a shelf on Goodreads where I put all the books I want to get rid of, so all that’s left for me to do is put them in a big box (or two) and drop them off!

Are you taking part in #theunreadshelfproject2019 or any other, or your own, challenge to get through your TBR?

7 thoughts on “Getting through my TBR V || #theunreadshelfproject

  1. I wasn’t planning on it mostly because I hadn’t heard from it before but it sounds like something that would really help me so I might try it. I own like 70 unread books and that’s only printed books but I keep reading library books instead. I need to stop! I also need to buy more Kindle books since I’m moving and not just from states but from Puerto Rico to the states. I have a bag full of books to donate and I’m either too lazy to bring them with me to college to put on the little free libraries or forget to take them to the thrift store. I’m a lazy mess.

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