January 2019 TBR

Januari TBR

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope you all had a lovely evening, no matter if you went out with friends or stayed at home (like I did). Let’s make 2019 another fantastic year!

I’m still trying to get my mind around the fact that it’s January 1st 2019. On the one hand I’m super excited, and on the other hand I have this anxious feeling that time is flying by waaaay too fast. In only four days I’ll be 24! That’s madness!

Anyhow, since it’s the first day of a new month, here’s my TBR for January!

My January TBR:

  1. Finish reading The Black Tower by P.D. James (halfway through)
  2. Bag of Bones by Stephen King
  3. Freddie Mercury: The Definite Biography by Lesley-Ann Jones
  4. Lip Hook by David Hine
  5. Het smelt van Lize Spit

My TBR consists of books that I’ve wanted to read for quite a while now. Or in the case of the biography of Freddie Mercury and Lip Hook: these are two new books that I can’t wait to start!

What will your January look like? What’s the book you’re looking forward to reading the most?

4 thoughts on “January 2019 TBR

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed reading your blog and became super interested in your January TBR blog. I wanted to ask, how do you manage to read that many books in a month? How often do you read?


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