Getting through my TBR IV || #theunreadshelfproject

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Here it is, the last update on my progress on #theunreadshelfproject of 2018! If I may say so myself, I think it went quite well. I still bought and received some books, but I still made a big dent in my TBR!

This year I have learnt not to buy every single book I “want” to read, or rather just own. Besides that I scrapped some books from my TBR that I know I won’t enjoy that much, or that I put on a “lifelong” TBR. Like The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco: I’m super intimidated by that one, but I have made it a goal to at least read it before I’m old 😂

Where I bought at least around five new books per month last year, I only bought about 15 books in twelve months. Of course, I also received a lot of review copies, but over the year I got a little more strict in accepting those. So, all in all, I think I did a great job on keeping my TBR in check and actually reading the books that I already have!

The “rules” for myself were:

  • Read at least 50 books on my TBR in 2018
  • Allow myself to buy one new book for every five I read
  • Get a library card!
  • Donate books to charity shops
  • Read/buy more ebooks
  • Bring my TBR jar back to life

I already explained a little more about these rules in my previous #theunreadshelfproject post, so I won’t get into that in this one. I can say, though, that I reached one more goal in this list: read at least 50 books on my TBR in 2018. At the moment, my to-be-read shelf on Goodreads counts 73 books, so over the past year I have scrapped/read 57 books that were on my TBR! The ones I want to donate to charity and thrift shops are still to be donated 😬

You can find my original post with more information on #theunreadshelfproject (a hashtag by Whitney from @theunreadshelf) over *here*; 4 reasons behind my longer book buying ban over *here* and the first two updates on my #theunreadshelfproject over *here* and *here*.

Are you currently on a book buying ban? How’s it going so far? Or are book buying bans not really your thing? 😏

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