#25infive readathon || December 2018

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Ever since the latest #25infive was announced, I was looking forward to it. This last weekend and today it was time for another readathon, where you try to read for 25 hours over five days. And of course, my body thought it was the perfect time to get ill …

What is 25infive?

25infive hosts readathons, so far #8intwo and #25infive, where you aim to read as much as you can over a couple of days. With the #8intwo readathon you aim to read for 8 hours in total over two days and #25infive is the same but then 25 hours in total divided over five days! It doesn’t matter if you reach the 8 or 25 hours, as long as you try your best and have fun!

The last #25infive was in August and back then I managed to read for about 12 hours, divided over 5 days! This time, however, I didn’t manage to read that much, unfortunately. I had work, a busy weekend and an ill body that came in my way of reading as much as I’d liked to. This #25infive I was able to read for about 7-8 hours in total. Not that bad, but if I hadn’t been ill, I could’ve read so much more! 😭

During this readathon I was able to:
– Finish reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling (review to come);
Make progress in The Doctor’s Christmas Proposal by Eve Gaddy.

Just like last time, I already can’t wait for the next #25infive, or #8intwo. I hope my body doesn’t decide to get sick then and I can beat my previous time!

Did you join #25infive this time? For how many hours have you read? Will you join next time?



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