City of the Shrieking Tomb by Patrick A. Rogers || Review

City of the Shrieking Tomb

Title: City of the Shrieking Tomb
Author(s): Patrick A. Rogers
No. of pages: 266
Genre: Horror, Supernatural
Publication date: September 24th 2018
Date read: December 2nd 2018
3.5/5 ★


The city of Humayunpur, long ago the capital of a powerful dynasty of Central Asian conquerors, lies all but forgotten in a dusty, overlooked, corner of South India. Within its crumbling medieval walls, vast tombs and ruined palaces tower above a dense warren of small houses and narrow streets. Once a city of tremendous wealth and influence, Humayunpur has faded into impoverished obscurity.

It’s a place with dark secrets, where the locals whisper stories of spirits, demons, and mad sorcerers.

Now, a travel photographer from abroad finds himself stranded in the lost city. All around him are the mute remains of its glorious, bloody, past. As he peels back, layer by layer, the mysteries of Humayunpur’s decline and fall, he discovers the ruins hide far more than just forgotten history. Everything that he thought he knew about the world is turned on its head.

He finds that something lives still in the ancient tombs of Humayunpur.


I have quite a hard time reviewing this book, because I read it and I didn’t really think about it a lot. I just read it. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t make me feel anything other than just entertained.

I think this may be, because I didn’t really feel a bond with any of the characters. Rick got often called “the photographer”, which made it very impersonal and hard for me to care about him. Besides that, I thought he was a bit of a “dense” (😉) character, but luckily I wasn’t the only one. Narcissus (another important character) thought the same, so maybe that was the intention after all.

The book was kind of slow, but I really raced through it! About 90% of the book was about Rick wanting to take photographs of the city, but not being allowed to. Eventually the book came to a really exciting climax, which I loved! However, as soon as it came, it was over again. The ending was a bit too open to my liking, but maybe that’s also part of the charm of the story. I had some thoughts about some of the characters, which never really got explained, and if my thoughts are right I’m flabbergasted. That’d be absolutely great and it would also all make a little bit more sense!

All in all, it was an entertaining story to read and the history behind it was really interesting. I thought the concept was a good one and eventually it came into its own at the ending. Man, that ending! It was crazy, which made it soso good!

I was kindly sent an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own! Thank you Patrick! *

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