S: Es by Koji Suzuki || Review

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Title: S: Es
Series: Ring #5
Author(s): Koji Suzuki
No. of pages: 238
Genre: Horror
Publication date: May 12th 2012
Date read: October 11th 2018
3/5 ★


Takanori Ando, son of Spiral protagonist Mitsuo, works at a small CGI production company and hopes to become a filmmaker one day despite coming from a family of doctors, When he’s tasked by his boss to examine a putatively live-streamed video of a suicide that’s been floating around the internet, the aspiring director takes on more than he bargained for. His lover Akane, an orphan who grew up at a foster-care facility and is now a rookie high-school teacher, ends up watching the clip. She is pregnant, and she is…triggered.

Sinking hooks into our unconscious from its very first pages with its creepy imagery, and rewarding curious fans of the series with clever self-references, here is a fitting sequel to a tale renowned for its ongoing mutations.


When I got this book in a Nocturnal Reader’s Box, I was immediately intrigued by its cover. The image you see in the picture above is the one underneath the dust-jacket and the one on there is even more gross. I was curious what this thing would have to do with he story and was eager, but also scared, to find out.

I had high hopes for S: Es, but they didn’t all come true, unfortunately. Yes, S: Es was eerie, but not really that creepy nor scary. Besides that I was confused for about a quarter of the time I spent reading it and I kind of still am. Now that I’ve finished reading, I have to think really hard to be able to remember the plot line in the right way. One thing that didn’t help were the many different characters that were all related in one way or another. Of course, their names were Japanese and I think that also was a little confusing for my Dutch brain. Most times I just skimmed over the names, which didn’t really help me remember them clearly enough to know which “face” belonged to which name. Overall, though, I really enjoyed reading S: Es and I think that if I’d read the previous books it would’ve made more sense to me.

I’m still intrigued enough to want to read the previous books!

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