Sugar by Monique X || Review


Title: Sugar: My Life as a Sugar Babe
Author(s): Monique X
No. of pages: 326
Genre: Romance, Erotica, Memoir
Publication date: June 24th 2018
Date read: September 30th 2018
4.5/5 ★



After her divorce, Monique decides to inject some fun into the drudgery of life as a single mother, by dating a wealthy older gentleman, which is known as ‘sugar daddy’ dating. It all starts quite innocently, but when Monique finds a thousand pounds in her wallet after one night of hot, steamy sex, she realises that sugar dating could be her way to survive as a single mother.

Soon life is a whirlwind of wealthy men, luxury hotels and glamorous experiences. She goes skydiving in Dubai and flies to Paris, Barcelona, Vienna, Milan, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thanks to her sugar daddies Monique can take care of her children, she gets a new sense of independence, discovers her sexual drive, and experiments with a whole new range of sexual fantasies.

But when she loses her job and her ex-husband stops paying alimony, she is prepared to do anything to safeguard her children and keep a roof over their heads. Money becomes her main focus and she starts living on the periphery of the escort world. Now she realises the truth: she needs to find a way out.


Sugar was a very very steamy read. I definitely sat reading on the couch with the tips of my ears a bright red – especially if there were other people in the room. It was exciting right until the end.

Monique leads a quite the double life: on the one hand she’s a loving mom, who wants to create a “hyggelig” home for her two daughters. On the other hand she’s a Sugar Babe who discovers a whole new side to sex during her days as a SB. This isn’t a day/night thing, because she also meets her Sugar Daddies during the day, when the kids are at school. Nevertheless, Monique never forgets to take care of her kids. Because of this, I read this book with a big respect for Monique. She merely does what she feels like she has to do to survive and it’s getting hard to stop. Eventually it becomes more of a lifestyle and Monique notices that she ends up only thinking about money to get by.

Although I was never bored while reading Sugar, it still was a little repetitive at times. She decides to meet a Sugar Daddy (a new or previous one), meets him and eventually goes home to her girls. It was only in hindsight that I noticed this though! In this repetitive, yet super exciting, life, the reader can still notice that Monique goes through a huge personality change while still being Monique. Where she was a obedient woman at the start of the story, she knows what she wants at the end and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

All in all, I really liked reading Sugar. Maybe especially because it’s a memoir, so it’s all based on true events! It was fun to read about Monique’s travels to lots of different countries and about the different personalities she meets. I have to note, though, that eventually Monique ends up as an escort rather than a Sugar Babe. In the end it’s all about money and sex, but fortunately, that didn’t make the story less enjoyable!

I received an e-copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review! *



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