#25infive readathon || August 2018

2018-08-14 09.40.12

Last Thursday I suddenly remembered that another #25infive readathon had started! It’s a fun readathon that I’m always looking forward to – I hope the next one’s soon!

What is 25infive?

25infive hosts readathons, so far #8intwo and #25infive, where you aim to read as much as you can over a couple of days. With the #8intwo readathon you aim to read for 8 hours in total over two days and #25infive is the same but then 25 hours in total divided over five days! It doesn’t matter if you reach the 8 or 25 hours, as long as you try your best and have fun!

The last #25infive was in April, and back then I managed to read for a total of 9 hours. This time I read for about 12 hours, divided over five days, and I’m so happy with that! Stupid me was so smart to reset my timer over, and over again, so I had to trust my memory to add the hours read from Thursday and Friday. During this readathon, I was able to:
– finish The Outsider by Stephen King (review is up!);
– start and finish Spirits of the Heart by Claire Gem (review to come);
– start and finish De tinnen huzaar by Alet Schouten.

Like I said earlier: I hope 25infive announces their next readathon soon! Already can’t wait – it really motivates me to pick up my book and just read, even more than normal.

Did you join #25infive this time? For how many hours have you read? Will you join next time?

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