Bookish habits

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Every reader has them: certain habits when they’re reading a book. I know I have quite a few and this post is dedicated to some of them!

Bookmark the next chapter

I always use a bookmark when reading a book. And when I’m reading I put the bookmark at the page or end of a chapter where I want to end my reading session. This way I have something to, let’s say, work forward to. I’m a person who likes to set small goals/deadlines, and this is one of my ways to do so!

Keep a reading journal + lists, lists, lists

As you may know, I don’t only use Goodreads to keep track of every book I read, but also my reading journal. I’ve had mine for a good two years now and I couldn’t “read” without it anymore! My reading journal consists of the books I read per month, and at the end of the year an overview of the past year.

Besides my reading journal, I also use my bullet journal to keep track of my TBR’s, the complete one and my monthly ones. I love to cross off things on lists, so the more lists the better!

Break the spine the “right” way

You may have seen it come by once or twice already, but there’s this image that shows a reader the “right” way to open a book, before you start reading the book. This way the book loosens up and won’t get those big cracks right in the middle of the book! If you want to know how to do this, just look up “how to open a book” on Google!

Take off the dust jacket when reading a hardback

always take off the dust jacket when I read a book. A bookstagrammer (can’t remember who) recently had a poll in their story asking if people do this, and there were some people who don’t take it off. I can’t imagine reading a hardback with the dust jacket on, it’s also way easier to read one without!

Fold the cover of a paperback

Yes. I fold the covers of my paperback. And don’t say I can’t, because you know … they’re mine and I can. But to get back to the habit: whenever the cover is floppy enough to fold back without it getting creased too much (I still like my books pretty you know), I fold it back to maximise my comfort while reading. This way I can easily hold the book in one hand!

Do you recognise some of your own habits in mine? What are some of yours that aren’t mentioned here?

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