Getting through my TBR II || #theunreadshelfproject

2018-07-23 15.42.42

At the start of this year I made myself the promise, a New Year’s resolution if you will, to buy less books and eventually read all the books on my TBR. My TBR consists only of books I own, on my ereader or on my physical shelves. Since we’re now halfway through the year I though it’d be fun to look at how many books I have purchased and my progress overall!

The “rules” I made up for myself were:

  • Read at least 50 books of my TBR in 2018
  • Allow myself to buy one new book for every five I read
  • Get a library card!
  • Donate books to charity shops
  • Read/buy more ebooks
  • Bring my TBR jar back to life

Two of these “rules” (“library card” and “read/buy more ebooks”) are actually for the time after I have read a major part of my TBR, and that hasn’t really happened yet. However, I started the year with around 130 unread books, and now I have about 100, either because I read them, or because I decided that they’re not worth my time. So, I have now crossed off about 30 books from my TBR. If I go on like this, I will have read 50 books from my TBR by the end of the year! Also: I recently scrolled through my TBR shelf on Goodreads and found out I’ve only bought ten books this year, so far.Ten books in 7 months is amazing in my humble opinion!

Just to be clear, I have read about 50 books this year, but because I have received and bought books my TBR has not decreased by 50 books – only 30 so far. I hope this post wasn’t too messy 😂

Are you currently on a book buying ban? How’s it going so far? Or are book buying bans not really your thing? 😏

9 thoughts on “Getting through my TBR II || #theunreadshelfproject

  1. I should be on a book buying ban!!! But I’m not, because in reality when the self-imposed ban expires I always then splurge and usually end up buying more books than I would have if I weren’t on a ban. Does that make sense??

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