This or that? #2

2018-07-07 19.12.56

It’s time for another “this or that” post (I posted one before earlier) where I’ll choose between two different habits or preferences when it comes to reading and books in general.

Listening to an audiobook or reading a physical copy?

I was subscribed to an audiobook app once, but I soon discovered that it isn’t for me. I mean, I liked “reading” like that, and it was a nice experience, but I always have to do something else beside listening. Otherwise I just loose my concentration and then I’d have to rewind about 1893 times in one book. Maybe if I actually go work out in the future it might be a great way to “read” books like this, but until then – physical copies/ebooks all the way!

Short or long stories?

I’m quite an impatient person and I’ve always been that way. Because of this, if I don’t really like a book, I get bored of it quite soon. That’s why I prefer short reads over long reads. However, most of my all time favourite books are big monsters. Like IT. That’s a book of about 1400 pages, I didn’t get bored once and I’d love to reread it in the near future! I like how you can just get lost in a big book – if it’s good – but most times I just want to dive into my next read really soon after starting a current read!

Tea or coffee?

I can’t start my day properly if I haven’t had my morning coffee. I need it. Or else you have to deal with a grumpy Romi for the rest of the day. And you don’t want that. However, I like the pureness of tea and the actions you have to do when making a cuppa. It’s one of the things that relaxes me if I have a stressful time – all my attention is in making the tea instead of with my stressful thoughts.

So yeah, I’m pretty undecided when it comes to choosing between tea and coffee, but I think I’d go for coffee, just because you have so many different ways to drink your coffee!

Stephen King or J.K. Rowling?

Uggghh …

I’m really thankful of Rowling writing one of the, if not the most important stories that I have ever read. I became a Potterhead right when the first film was released and I still am one. I just feel right at home in the magical world! But I think I have to go for Stephen King, just because he has written so many different stories that I love. I have never really felt the urge to read other works by Rowling than Harry Potter. So, I choose Stephen King, because I’m really amazed that King has written so many, different, great stories and is still at it!! I hope he never stops!

Background noise/music or silence

This really depends on my mood! Sometimes I prefer reading with a background “noise” on, and other times I can’t stand that when I’m trying to read. With “noise” I mean either white noise or classical music (now I’m not saying that classical music is noise hah, I guess most of you know what I’m trying to say). Never music with lyrics though, because they only distract me from the story I’m trying to read.

Do you recognise yourself in my answers? Or are yours completely different? Tell me in the comments!

The bookmark in the photo is from White Saturday & Co *

5 thoughts on “This or that? #2

  1. Audio books aren’t really for me either. I actually tend to zone out whether I’m doing something else or just concentrating, so I absolutely understand the constant rewinding!

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