July 2018 TBR

July TBR

This month I’m deciding to add one book less to my TBR, because I’m planning on rereading a big monster for a read along on Instagram! Continue reading to find the eight books I plan on reading in the month of July!

  1. De laatste verhalenweefster van Marita Coppes
  2. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (4th reread – I’m hosting a read along for this book over on my instagram, and you can still join us!)
  3. Under the Dome by Stephen King
  4. End of Watch by Stephen King
  5. The Sweet Oil of Vitriol by Daniel Eagleton
  6. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  7. New Year’s Kiss by Tielle St. Clare
  8. Whispers in the Wind by S.M. Stryker

I’m so excited for all of these books! Especially my reread of LolitaUnder the Dome and I’ll finally be reading End of Watch. Also, two Kings in one month? Can’t get better than that! (Except for maybe a whole month of King …)

What book are you most excited about to read in July?

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