June wrap up!

June wrap up

June was quite a good month when it comes to reading! I didn’t read all the books on my TBR, but I’m still happy with what I managed to read. I’ve read eight books (still reading Crown of Midnight though) in total! Let’s get on with my wrap up of June!

These were the books I read in the month of June:

  1. The Sea Was a Fair Master by Calvin Demmer – 120 pgs: 5/5 ★
  2. Finders Keepers by Stephen King – 384 pgs: 5/5 ★
  3. Find You in the Dark by Nathan Ripley – 368 pgs: 3.25/5 ★
  4. Out of Mind (Hersenschimmen) by J. Bernlef – 160 pgs: 5/5 ★
  5. The Man on the Roof by Michael Stephenson – 487 pgs: 3/5 ★
  6. Rituals (Rituelen) by Cees Nooteboom – 207 pgs: 4/5 ★
  7. The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti – 239 pgs: 5/5 ★
  8. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas – 418 pgs: [rating and review to come]

As you can see in the ratings I gave the books, it was also a good month! I was able to add a couple of them to my favourite books of 2018 (so far), of which you can find a top 5 over here.

Another book on my June TBR was The Sweet Oil of Vitriol by Daniel Eagleton, but I’ll just add it to my July TBR!

How many books were you able to read in the past month? Any new favourites?

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