#8intwo readathon || June 2018

2018-06-25 16.11.33

Last weekend it was time for yet another #8intwo readathon, hosted by @25infive on Instagram. This time I did slightly better than last time and that made me quite proud of myself!

What is 25infive?

25infive hosts readathons, so far #8intwo and #25infive, where you aim to read as much as you can over a couple of days. With the #8intwo readathon you aim to read for 8 hours in total over two days and #25infive is the same but then 25 hours in total divided over five days! It doesn’t matter if you reach the 8 or 25 hours, as long as you try your best and have fun!

This time I managed to read for about 6 hours, nicely divided in two times three hours! I finished Rituals by Cees Nooteboom and made a lot of progress (had to stop 25 pages before the ending …) in The Eight Mountains by Paolo Cognetti. You can find my reviews on both books later this week. Also, I’m now back on track again with my Goodreads Reading Challenge! These readathons are great motivation to put your phone away and do what you actually want to do – READ!

@25infive already announced their next readathon! It will be a #25infive one and takes place from August 9th til 13th.

Did you join #8intwo this time? How many hours have you managed to read? Will you join next time?

5 thoughts on “#8intwo readathon || June 2018

  1. I did this one – it was my first readathon!! I managed all 8 hours and really enjoyed the experience! I don’t think I could do much longer than that, to be honest, but it was a great amount for a weekend. I finished 3 books and started two more!

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