Mirror, Mirror by Cara Delevingne || Review

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Title: Mirror, Mirror
Author(s): Cara Delevingne
No. of pages: 351
Genre: Young Adult, Thriller
Publication date: October 5th 2017
Date read: May 4th 2018
4/5 ★


When one of their friends mysteriously disappears, a group of teens are forced to confront the challenges and secrets of their lives in this edgy and suspenseful coming-of-age tale from international supermodel, actress, and social media darling Cara Delevingne.

Among the students of Thames Comprehensive, Red, Leo, Rose, and Naomi are misfits—outsiders who have found a safe haven in music and their band, Mirror, Mirror. For these sixteen year olds, fitting in at school is nearly as difficult as navigating their complicated home lives. Red has an alcoholic mother and a father who’s never around. Leo’s brother is in prison. Rose uses sex and alcohol to numb the pain of a brutal attack. Naomi’s punk rock princess persona gives her the freedom to be her true self.

When Naomi mysteriously vanishes and then is found unconscious, her friends are shaken and confused. Could it have been an accident—or did someone deliberately try to hurt Naomi? If she was in trouble, why didn’t she turn to them? How well do they really know their bandmate—and each other? If Naomi wakes up from her coma, will she ever be the same?

To understand what happened to Naomi, Red, Leo, and Rose must ultimately face their own dark secrets and fears, and reconcile the difference between what they feel inside and what they show to the world.


One of the reasons I don’t read that much YA anymore is because I’m 23 years old with a steady life and I just don’t recognise the teen angst and drama that’s being portrayed in most contemporary YA novels. Mirror, Mirror was another one that was filled with rebellious teenagers who drink, do drugs and run away from home. Even when I was a teenager, I did none of these things, but of course I understand that dramatic characters make the most entertaining reads.

Besides the drama I actually enjoyed this read. It was a mysterious, thrilling read with a couple of nice plot twists. One of them I thought was very original, but it could’ve been thought through a little better, which would’ve made it an even better read!

All in all Mirror, Mirror made me not give up on the YA genre altogether – I’m even looking forward to start reading more YA books (only just a little though, I’m way to fond of my adult horror books).

* @yaharpercollins was so kind to send me the Dutch translation to read and review – thank you! *

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